The X-Files My Struggle III Is A Real Struggle To Watch

Review of The X-Files S11 E1: My Struggle III

All I can say after watching this episode of my beloved X-Files is, “Oh, no!” I realize they’re trying to wrap things up, but in a rush to wrap things up they might be cramming too much, too fast, and way outside of the X-Files boundaries. If you recall, things got pretty bad for the series right before it came to an end the first time around.


The episode starts with a villainous exposition via internal monologue of the Cigarette Smoking Man. We discover he devised it all and set in motion a devious plan to… take over the world! [Insert maniacal laugh]

Apparently, the previous episode was a prophecy or a premonition of Scully’s. It didn’t really happen, yet. I respect that they need to open things up to create a new story arch, but just plain making it a dream or a character’s imagination doesn’t cut it for me. I’m happy they’re sticking with the alien virus conspiracy because when they stray too far from the original plot as they did in the 2008 movie, I Want To Believe, it tends to suck. Although, my favorite episodes have been the monsters of the week episodes.

Needless to say My Struggle III was not what I expected. I expected to see a continuation from the previous season with people dying at an apocalyptic level with Mulder miraculously but temporarily cured and Scully working to find a cure. The aliens in the ship hovering in the sky would erase everyone’s memory of seeing them. Somehow things would work out within a 6 to 8 episode arch, which would include some side stories and surprises in between that nobody saw coming.

This episode almost seems like the writers had ideas written down on pieces of paper, put them in a jar, randomly picked them out, then laid them out, and as best they could connect the dots with internal monologues.

Who is Scully’s baby-daddy? It’s not Mulder. It’s revealed the Cigarette Smoking Man pulled a Bill Cosby on Scully 17 years ago and impregnated her, with science. Making Mulder William’s half-brother. Oh my! Don’t forget last season, the Cigarette Smoking Man revealing his secrets to Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) all of a sudden convinces her to take a complete 180 and become his right hand.

Did I grow out of liking things like this? I think not. Did the quality of the writing go away? Perhaps. It could very well be as simple as too many chefs in the kitchen. Too many people involved might be the cause of why it’s not going so well. Just like Fringe and some other cool shows that had a great start but ended in the absurd.

Absurd as it may be, I still love the X-Files and I want so much for this season to be a good one. I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hope for the best.

New episodes air on Wednesday on the Fox Network

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