The Return of Doctor Mysterio, Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Absolutely no spoilers! I’m not going to wait to watch it on Christmas before I blog about it. We all know I’m going to love it.

The last time we saw any new Doctor Who episode was on Hell Bent when the Doctor returns to Gallifrey. If you were having Doctor Who withdraws, then you probably also watched the animated series The Power of the Daleks online. I enjoyed them, but it’s really not the same thing.

As with every new season, the wait seems to last forever. This Christmas we are getting The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Who is this? All I know is, it’s Justin Chatwin from Showtime’s Shameless as a masked vigilante with either superpowers or super-cool-high-tech Batman gadgets. From the trailers and sneak peeks alone, I’m all in! Seems Doctor Who is crossing over into the superhero world and I’m loving it!

Tidbit: Matt Lucas is back for another Christmas special! That’s exciting. You may not know the name, but you know him when you see him. He was on the last Christmas special and plays Nardole, the one that took over the robot body. (He’s the bald guy!)

BIG QUESTION: Who’s going to be the new companion? Last we saw, Clara is gone, and the Doctor is without a companion. Charity Wakefield appears to play a big role in this new episode, but so did Faye Marsay in the 2014 Christmas special. Her character didn’t become a companion. Who is going to be the new companion is what I want to know. I’ve been staying out of social media and any news so I’m completely in the dark. There is no speculation on my part this time around.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio premiers on Christmas Day (December 25th, 2016) on BBC America. Watch it on TV! You can also watch in select theaters on Dec 27 – Dec 29. Check with your local theaters.

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