The Husbands of River Song, Doctor Who Christmas Special


I love this Doctor Who Christmas Special. Why? Because River Song.

SPOILER ALERT! This blog post contains some spoilers from Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. This isn’t really a recap or a review. I’m just nerding out on this one.

It was difficult to top last year’s Christmas Special, “Last Christmas” with Nick Frost as Beardy-Weirdy Santa Claus, but they did it with The Husbands of River Song. I’ve been a wee bit sick of Clara for a while so I was looking forward to seeing someone other than Clara. Honestly, my interest in Clara died with Mr. Pink, but they gave her a good sendoff. She technically died, and Me (Maisie Williams) finally got the companionship she wanted, even though it wasn’t with the Doctor. Watch the episode! It was good.

The last time I can remember seeing River Song was in The Angels Take Manhattan with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and the Weeping Angels take the Ponds. I didn’t fact check so you can comment below to tell me if I’m wrong. Alex Kingston, who plays River Song, brings the sassy and fun element to the show. Don’t hate me for saying but Twelve lacks fun (for me). There’s just something tragic about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I like him, but he’s a buzzkill. He appears as though he’s having fun, but it comes off more like “grumpy old man fun” rather than “good ‘ole fun” so it’s not really fun.

I was a little worried that River Song and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor might not work because I associate her with Matt Smith’s Doctor, but it worked out. The chemistry between the two was spectacular. Matt who, right?

I watched this episode with someone who doesn’t really know the show and it was a little frustrating. The Doctor mentioning needing a flowchart to follow the timeline and needing a bigger flowchart when River Songs identifies her husband as not being the Doctor was hilarious. I tried to explain why that was so funny, and ironic, and eh… what-evs! I tried explaining, but as with all jokes that require explanation, once you have to explain it, it’s no longer funny, so I stopped explaining.

The best part was when River Song admits to loving the Doctor without reciprocation. She goes on with the analogy that loving the Doctor was like loving the stars and you can’t expect the sunset to admire you back. Watching the Doctor’s face as he realizes what an ASSHOLE he’s been was kind of sad. Then, River finally realizes who the Doctor aka Damsel really is. It tugs on the heartstrings. Click on the image below to watch the scene.


I’m curious to see how the Doctor’s self-discovery will express itself next season. Can’t wait to see it unfold!

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