Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Redeems The Series


SPOILER ALERT: This blog post contains some spoilers for Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale: Tempus Fugit

Sleepy Hollow’s season 2 finale Tempus Fugit was redemption for the season in my opinion. I’m protective of Sleepy Hollow because it was one of the shows that I was on board with from day one! Season 1 was great. The whole man out of time thing just worked for me. I may be a little obsessive about time travel stuff. The interaction between Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane along with all the twistory was what kept me watching. Season 2 started out… good… but fizzled out a bit… but I stuck it out… I hung around… kept giving it a chance to redeem itself… AND SUCCESS! It did with the finale.

In the beginning of season 2 they brought Katrina out of purgatory, which seemed like a good plot line at the time. I mean, she was stuck there for 200 years. Let the girl out! Then, I got to thinking, with Katrina free, that meant she would be with Ichabod and what would happen to Lt. Abbie Mills? Very quickly it became clear (through the next few not-so-good episodes) that this was not going to be good. Abbie took to the back seat to give the couple some room to resolve their “marital issues”. We saw less and less of her in episodes and it started to feel like she was the third wheel. I was rooting for this show. I wanted it to be good, but anymore nonsense like this, then I’d have to jump ship.


I honestly just wanted to see Abbie and Ichabod saving Sleepy Hollow one episode at a time! Just like Mulder and Scully, you can’t separate the two, otherwise the show wouldn’t work. Like Mulder and Scully, I’m not totally against a romance between them, but deep down inside I don’t really want that to happen. When are they going to find the time for romance when they have an apocalypse to stop? Henry was still alive, but somewhere mid-season he turned on his master Moloch and killed him instead of sacrificing his parents for some apocalypse he really didn’t believe in. With Moloch dead, was there an apocalypse to stop? Well, yes! The writers decided to take the plot line exactly where we all wanted it to go over a year ago. Katrina was now one of the bad guys. Being completely blinded by the guilt of abandoning her son to save her husband she goes to the dark side. She teams up with Henry to raise their coven and destroy Sleepy Hollow and every non-witch in it. Abbie and Ichabod stop them of course, and Ichabod finally kills Henry. Conveniently his body turns to ashes and disappears which leaves no body to have to explain to the police. In a rage, Katrina casts a blood-magic spell that takes her back in time. She goes back to rewrite history by letting her husband die and saving her son instead. Without a second to think, Abbie follows her back to Revolutionary time and now she’s the Witness out of time.


Having Katrina do the 180 turn and go from the side of good to evil just wasn’t believable because she had fought so long for the other side, but I guess they needed to get her out of the picture quickly and it’s just a show so I won’t think about it too much. What helped was the “classic” Sleepy Hollow stuff they included in Tempus Fugit that made it work. The Headless Horseman still had his head but was the monster we saw from the beginning (not some heartbroken gentleman), Ichabod was not yet soiled by the 21st century cynicism and more Benjamin Franklin!

Abbie convinces Ichabod that she is from the future and he helps her. They seek out Benjamin Franklin and he tells them how to undo the spell… go to Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon at Frederick’s Manor and she can do a reversal spell. That sounds easy! Before they could say anymore, Ben Franklin’s head is chopped off by the Horseman, bummer! Not to despair, they make it to Grace, the reversal spell is cast and they return to the 21st century where Ichabod gets to kill his lovely wife! Conveniently her body turns into ashes and disappears too so there was nothing to explain to the cops.

All we have left are Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny and Frank (with Henry dead he has his soul back). Lastly, Headless is still around. Please don’t make him a sad heartbroken gentleman… he’s a monster, he needs to stay that way. I am very much looking forward to next season.

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