Sleepy Hollow is Back, Season 2

sleepyhollowMy fellow Sleepyheads, I’m so happy we get to have our weekly dose of supernatural conspiracies now that Sleepy Hollow is back. It’s a wonderful feeling when you check the DVR’s “to do’ list and it say “2” to record for Sleepy Hollow. Season 2 just aired on Fox on Monday, Sept 22nd.

If you’re not a Sleepy Hollow fan, here’s a quick synopsis. Sleepy Hollow is sort of a re-imagining of the classic story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman. It doesn’t have any similarities of the original story nor is it anything like the Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow movie other than in name. It’s way cooler. It’s set in today’s time and pulls facts and tidbits from the American Revolution. I love when fiction takes from history and puts a twist on it, which is probably why I really like the book Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (the movie was okay though). It’s completely farfetched but with enough facts to make it work in our world of imagination. You’ll like Sleepy Hollow if you like history, the supernatural, doomsday plots, biblical apocalypse and conspiracies. I recommend watching season 1 first, you may get lost.

!!!  Spoiler Alert – Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode 1 of Season 2  !!!!

Season 2 starts off with it seeming like a year had passed. Ichabod and Abbie are tracking down a key that opens the doors to purgatory. A key which belongs to none other than Benjamin Franklin, who is described by Ichabod as a pompous ass. Honestly, I was lost in the first 20 minutes because I couldn’t remember exactly what happened in the season 1 finale but it all made sense by the middle. It turns out it was all an illusion and they are really starting off where the last season ended. Abbie is still in purgatory, Ichabod is still buried alive and Jenny could be dead. The headless horseman has Katrina but she’s out of purgatory because Abbie took her place and all hell is literally about to break loose. Ichabod manages to get out from being buried alive, finds Jenny and rescues Abbie from purgatory. I can’t wait for the next episode.

This makes Monday nights far more entertaining than just football. If you’re looking for more Sleepy Hollow news, I found a podcast called SleepyCast just for us. Enjoy!

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