Recap/Review of “Heads Up”, AMC The Walking Dead Episode

twd-glenn-s6e7This episode! My fan reaction….. AAHHHH!!!!! Anyway you translate this would be accurate. Here’s my review and recap on what happened on AMC The Walking Dead “Heads Up” season 6, episode 7.

Spoiler Alert Warning! If you haven’t watched Heads Up and you detest spoilers, then I would suggest you not read on. This post contains spoilers, so go watch the episode and come back!

Now that you’ve been officially warned… what a relief! I think the entire world breathed a sigh of relief when we saw Glenn, with guts intact, crawling his way under the dumpster and, yes… he survived. I love that the episode went straight into the story. They did not waste any time on the reveal, but they did let us ponder on the possibility of Glenn’s death for two episodes. Boo to that!


Last we saw, Glenn was pinned underneath Nicholas’ body as someone’s guts were being pulled out. Turns out it was Nicholas’. The walkers were eating him and Glenn squirms his way under the dumpster with only a few walkers crawling after him. He kills them and their bodies block him in. Eventually the walkers lose interest and go looking for food elsewhere. I jumped for joy!

After a few days Glenn crawls out of the pits of death, and surprisingly Enid is on the rooftop tossing a bottle of water to him. “Heads up!”, she says. She left Alexandria after the Wolves attack. She tells Glenn it was attacked by “people” but before he can question her anymore she runs off. Obviously not wanting to team up. Glenn follows but loses her and starts to head back to Alexandria instead. He finds David’s walker corpse at the fence where the rest of the group escaped. After killing it he see the note that David wrote for Betsy and decides to go after Enid instead of going home.

Oh Glenn, why must you have a conscience? It’s so frustrating the people who want to save people who don’t want to be saved. Glenn is no different. It is maddening! He finds Enid and after giving her a lecture about life, they make their way back to Alexandria together, only to find it completely surrounded by walkers.

Rick has been an official dick all season. It was just a low blow when he pulls down Father Gabriel’s signs for a “Prayer Circle” as he’s posting them up. All you hear is Carl saying, “Dad?!”. Even Carl saw it as being childish and unnecessary. Rick still has the “them versus us” approach with the Alexandrians but Tobin reaches out by helping him shore up the wall. Tobin confesses that Rick was right all along but they were scared, and asks Rick to, “Don’t give up on us.”

Morgan has been equally unbearable… I get it, “all life is precious”, but that’s going to the extreme. Especially when that someone you’re trying not to kill is trying to kill you. Killing them first may be your only option. Unless you don’t want to live. He still has the Wolf guy alive in the jail cell and goes to Denise (the new doctor) to treat him.

Carl deserves a punch in the eye this episode. His unsolicited advice to Ron when Rick is showing Ron how to use a gun is so annoying. I wanted to punch him in the eye myself! “You’re gonna get scared. You will be.” and, “You’ve got to be strong enough to wait for your moment”.  Oh shut up already, Carl! He doesn’t even know what Ron’s got planned for him. That kid has hate inside him and it’s all directed toward Carl. His plan to learn how to use a gun from Rick, then most likely turn that gun on Carl just seems so conniving. Makes for great drama. I can’t wait to see what comes out of that. (I haven’t read any of the comics so I have NO CLUE!)


Spencer all of a sudden grows a pair and decides to scale a rope to get over the wall to lure the walkers away. Except his heroic plan didn’t work out. His line breaks and he falls into the reaching arms of the walkers below. Luckily, the ever so caring Tara hangs over the wall shooting at walkers going toward him. After he’s rescued, Rick scolds Tara for risking her life again to “help these people” but she just gives him the finger and walks away. He apologizes later, so I guess that makes it okay?

Glenn gives Maggie a sign that he’s alive by releasing green helium balloons he and Enid found from Rick’s walker herding plan. The entire town sees it but as soon as they have hope, the tower falls over knocking down a huge chunk of the wall.


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