Mother’s Mercy! What Will Happen Next On Game of Thrones?


Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains spoilers on HBO’s Game of Thrones season 5 finale Mother’s Mercy.

The finale! The show is now all caught up with the books. As of today, there aren’t any new books to source material from for next season, but who cares? HBO is not done. There will be a next season with or without George RR Martin. There’s been all sorts of talk all over the internet about how George RR Martin may complete the next book for next season, but I’m not holding my breath.

The finale wasn’t as upsetting to me as it was to most people. Everyone seemed so devastated! I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know how much or how little would end up on the show. I purposely hadn’t followed any GoT forums or listened to any speculation running rampant online. I wanted to come up with my own conclusions based on what I’ve read and what I’ve seen so far on the show. Let’s see if I’m with everybody else on this, or am I just way off.


I was literally jumping out of my seat when Sansa was making her way up to the tower to light the candle for her “friends in the North”. Of course, Brienne of Tarth decides to look away right before Sansa makes it to the top, but it was for good reason. She had to go kill Stannis Baratheon for Renly’s murder. She misses the lighted candle signal, but not to worry. Sansa finally gets the aid of Reek/Theon. They escape by jumping off the wall, but not before Reek/Theon kills Ramsey’s crazy-jealous pet psychopath girl. We don’t see the two land but it’s implied they land in soft powdered snow. It is Winterfell after all, and winter has come.


After the sacrificial burning of the Princess Shireen, I was very happy to see that Stannis Baratheon got what he deserved. The wife, at least, had enough shame to kill herself for allowing her crazy husband to kill their only daughter, whom she didn’t really like the first place.

And all of a sudden Lord Varys shows up in Meereen! Where the heck did he come from? I know he was already on his way there with Tyrion, but there’s civil unrest and he just prances in like nothing?

Ayra became murderous! She kills Ser Meryn with such ferocity I was sort of shocked, but he really needed to die, really. Really.

After leaving Drogo to himself, Daenerys finds herself in the hands of the Dothraki people again. This time she doesn’t have her Khal to protect her so this could be bad.


Queen Cersei certainly got her comeuppance. I really felt sorry for Cersei during her walk of shame. Watching the actress Lena Headey “walk the walk” was very upsetting. Cersei will have her revenge. Wait and see. She’s a Lannister and a Lannister always pays their debts. Reading the book, however, I could have cared less. I was way more than happy to see Cersei get what she had coming.


Just about everybody dies in this season’s finale. Even poor Myrcella. She didn’t deserve to die. In fact, she was probably the only one truly happy, but she paid for her mother’s sins. I knew she was going to be poisoned when Ellaria kisses her… and right after a poignant moment with her father/uncle too! Oh, and yes, she knew he was her father.


Oh my God, they killed Jon Snow. I knew that was coming but still, not an easy pill to swallow. Jon’s death was also the last scene in the book. I remember that left me just screaming with fury. I’m not sure if it was because they killed Jon Snow or because that was the last of the books. Either way, it was not cool.

Here’s where I think GoT can go from here.

  • Jon Snow isn’t really dead. His consciousness hops into Ghost or another animals’ body and he lives on. Just like the Wildling that went into that eagle or hawk or whatever the heck it was, but not like Bran Stark. Bran travels through animals (and Hodor) but if his body dies he dies too.
  • Jon could turn into a White Walker and kill all the Crows that pulled a Julius Caesar on him. Especially, that little Ollie. Treacherous little…
  • Lady Melisandre went back to Castle Black. Maybe she can bring him back because she’s part of that crazy Fire cult. Remember Beric Dondarrion whom Arya met when she was on the run? He was resurrected from the dead several times after receiving fatal death-blows. (I think) he worshiped the same gods as Lady Melisandre. I can’t remember that far back into the books or the show.

Then again, you never know. Dead is dead. Ned Stark died the first season. We all remember that.

They left out the whole story of Lady Stark. Yes, Mama Stark. Lady Catelyn Stark of Winterfell. She did not die at the red wedding. She kind of died. The Freys threw her body into the river instead of beheading her like her son, Robb Stark. From what I can remember it was Beric Dondarrion and his people that brought her back. Her story would have been very interesting because she was angrier than hell. “Hell hath no fury like woman scorned.

Someone told me she killed Brienne of Tarth but I don’t remember reading that part. Come to think of it, I really don’t remember a whole lot. At this point, the books and the show has become one big jumble. I can’t remember what came out of the book or what came from the show.

Well, there you have it. I know I may have left some stuff out but you’ve probably already watched it, or you will soon. I’ll post this before I go onto the internet and read (or watch) everything everybody has to say about all of this. I’m really looking forward to next season.

Here are some videos from Game of Thrones Season 5.

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