Married At First Sight – Stay Married Or Get A Divorce, Season 2


A season 2? This suggests there was a first!

SPOILER ALERT: This blog post contains spoilers for season 2 of Married At First Sight.

I’m not one for reality shows aside from the regular competition reality shows, but somehow I got sucked into watching what I, at first impression, deemed a “stupid” show. Why was my TV on this channel? Who knows. I was writing and before I realized, this show kept grabbing for my attention and I started to watch. Mainly out of curiosity. I really wanted to know the outcome. The network showed the episodes all back-to-back so it made it easier to stay focused on it. I wasn’t able to fast-forward through the commercials, but I was multitasking anyway.

I recorded the two hour finale and watched it later so that I could fast-forward through the commercials. Thank goodness for DVR’s.

If you don’t know, the basis of the show is a social experiment. Six strangers are matched based on… I don’t know what, but the experts just say so… “for a reason”, so they say. Three couples meet at the altar, they get married “at first sight” and then after 6 weeks of marriage they decide if they want to stay married or get divorced. Needless to say, the couples all endure good times, bad times, challenges, and all on camera. To be honest, this season’s couples reminded me of middle school children courting and all of them were selfish in their own way.

The Couples


Sean and Davina

Watching Davina and Sean was like watching a train wreck happen before your eyes. You know what the outcome is and it’s horrible but your eyes are fixed on it. Sean, regrettably, was the only groom that didn’t get to f**k his wife and got himself put in the “friend zone”. This guy was simply a pushover, delusional, and didn’t know how to behave around people. On the other side of the coin, Davina was very needy, even though she said she wasn’t. She’s probably the type of girl who wants to be dominated in a relationship. Davina’s best friend (a good-looking dude) was all up in their business. Has anyone seen the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding? I’m sure this “best friend” is stuck in the “friend zone” too but now he has a better chance at Davina since Sean is in a worse-off position.


Jaclyn and Ryan R

The couple I was rooting for was Ryan R and Jaclyn. I liked them. They seemed like they actually enjoyed each other at first but then he got all emo and wanted to be close to his family. Boohoo! It’s not like you can’t go visit. What does this guy think? We’re in the 21st century for goodness sake! There is such a thing as a car to drive your butt to visit. Otherwise, next best thing, Skype! Jacklyn was kind of aggressive. I guess that behavior comes from being single so long that you really don’t know how to behave with others. I can understand that. If you don’t take control, someone else will. It’s the push and pull of any relationship.


Jessica and Ryan D

As for Ryan D and Jessica? Wow! Big babies they are! Ryan is kind of explosive, opinionated, and speaks frankly. He vocalizes too much and Jessica too little. The two fight for the first four weeks on account of their inability to communicate effectively. He was not sensitive to her feelings and she wanted to be handled like glass. Under the recommendation of the “experts” she wrote a list of words that he was no longer allowed to say in her presence or at her. For example, “bitch”. Who cries over being called “bitch”? Granted, he was insensitive, but hey, if walks like a duck… After a few days of the silent treatment, he manned up and apologized, but you can see some resentment in his eyes. He’d be kissing her but like he were being told to. It seemed a little forced, a little fake.

The Decision

Davina and Sean both decide to get a divorce. Davina got to announce first and Sean was completely hurt by it. In fact, he looked shocked. This just opened the floodgates for nastiness and he went on the offensive after he too, said, “I want a divorce”. He called her ego-maniacal, mean, angry, and deflected all responsibility for his part in it. I think had Sean been able to go first, he would have chosen to stay married. He just seems like the type of guy who avoids having to be the person to make any decisions. He would have stayed married to Davina, not doing anything to improve it, and waited for her to “call it off”. We all saw that one coming.

Ryan D said he wanted to stay married to Jessica. Jessica wanted to stay married too. It’s all good for now, but I don’t think it will last. He says, “I like Jess. I want to get to know her.”

I like a ice cream, but I don’t want to marry it. Just saying…

My favorite couple decides to stay together too. Ryan R gets to announce first and Jaclyn, after a long drawn out pause, says, “I want to give this a chance and I want to stay married.”

The best part was when she grabs his hand and comments on how cold they are. She looks at him and says, “Were you holding your breath the whole time? Did you think I was going to say no?”

He smiles and says, “Yeah, well, my lips were turning blue.”

These guys are going to stay together for a while… I hope.

Wells folks, this has got to be the weirdest reality show I’ve ever gotten hooked on, but I did. I watched and I’m not ashamed.

Next Tuesday June 16, 2015 The Reunion Special. We’ll see what happened to these couples six months later.

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