Inhumans Finally Revealed in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Aftershocks


SPOILER ALERT: This blog post contains spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 mid-season premiere “Aftershocks” and some mention of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Leave it to Joss Whedon and he’ll make the Marvel Universe go round. I haven’t picked up any Marvel comic books in a while but from what I can remember it seems like everything is all coming together. Watching Agents of SHIELD (MAoS) has brought upon some deja vu moments, especially after seeing the “blue alien” last year. I had a vague recollection of the terms “inhuman” and “terrigenesis” but it all came back to me when I watched Guardians of the Galaxy… Thanos… Kree… The “blue alien” on MAoS was Kree! I hope this means they’ll include the X-Men sometime in the series. Quicksilver and Crystal… you know, with the Royal Family and Black Bolt… As a longtime Marvel fan it’s nice to be able to pick up on the Easter eggs, but it’s equally nice to not know everything and still be able to enjoy the show.

I am very excited about the rest of season 2 because that’s where they’re taking it. Fitz said the word “inhuman”. To start, everyone was understandably on edge. The Diviner (aka the Obelisk) led Skye and Raina inside the temple of the lost city, trapping them inside along with Trip, who went in to save Skye. The Terrigen Mist was released and it unleashed the inhuman potential in both women. Trip, being only human, was killed. Skye shatters Trip’s petrified body into pieces when she broke free from her stone “shell”. Raina transformed into an inhuman creature with super strength and sharp quills. Skye’s transformation was a lot more subtle. She still appears human but causes the earth to quake when under any type of distress… and of course she can’t control it.

Agent Coulson makes a deal with General Talbot to hand over Bakshi in exchange for help to take down Hydra. While transporting Bakshi, their car gets rammed into by what appears to be Hydra. I had a “WTF” moment when right before Coulson and May are supposedly killed by a traitorous Hunter, Coulson cries out ”No! They’ll never take us alive!”… Really?  Well, the entire thing ended up being a trick so that explains the absurdity.

It was satisfying to have a scene that acknowledged Coulson’s ridiculously over the top last words by having May call him out on it. He replies to her with, “If they let you write the script, no one would say anything.” I love the banter between the two. They’re like an old married couple.

The ruse was to get Bakshi to make contact with Octavian Bloom, one of the Hydra leaders. They planted the idea that the other Hydra leaders, The Baroness, The Banker and The Sheikh have all been compromised so Bloom would order the hit to take them out, which he does. Hunter kills Bloom and Bakshi is given to General Talbot as originally planned. It seemed a bit extreme for Coulson, but it seems his demeanor in this episode has been extreme.

Agent Simmons was affected negatively by the whole ordeal. Her demeanor was equally as extreme as Coulson’s. It’s “shoot first and ask questions later” for her now. She no longer wants to study the alien science and would rather destroy it before it destroys anything else. I have hope for Coulson though. His response to her drastic measures was a simple “Thank you”. After seeing the effects on Raina, Simmons believes Skye may also be exposed and keeps her quarantined until her DNA can be tested.


Fitz figures out that Skye was the cause of the destruction (and Trip’s death) and calls her “inhuman”. Before anyone can discover that she’s different, he swaps her new blood samples with her old ones. The DNA test results come back as normal and no one is the wiser. Knowing the relationship Skye has with Coulson, it’s hard to believe this secret will be kept much longer. She’ll tell Coulson and I hope it’s soon.

Raina is on the loose now but with Simmons’ order to “kill if necessary” and Cal no longer helping her, she walks into oncoming traffic to kill herself. Agents surround her with the intent to capture, but she insists they kill her else she make them do it. Before anything happens, a blind inhuman named Gordon with the ability to teleport appears beside her. He says to her, “It’s okay beautiful. I’ll show you the way.” and they disappear.


There’s a secondary plot line going with Bobbi and Mack. The last we knew Hunter discovered a secret between them, but Bobbi explains that they are in a support group. That turns out to be a lie too.

The toy version of Lola that Mack builds for Coulson is really a scanner to look for Nick Fury’s toolbox. Mack reports to Bobbi that the blueprints for the base are secure. Bobbi responds, “Okay, I’ll make contact soon.”

What? With who? Please don’t be Hydra!

I’ve had enough of double-crossing, double agents! When Agent May was acting as a double agent that was okay because she was working for Director Fury but we can’t forget about Ward and Garrett. They really were the bad guys… and that’s one time too many to be duped.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Monday nights on ABC. Watch the trailer for Aftershocks.

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