Droughtlander Cured: Outlander Mid-Season Premieres April 4

SPOILER ALERT. This blog post contains some spoilers (but very little) from Outlander, Season 1.

Are you ready for some more Jamie and Claire Fraser? I definitely am.

Outlander 2014

I’m so far ahead in the books it feels like I’ve known these characters for years and have experienced so much with them already. Going back to watch the TV show means I would have to return my memories to book 1. Admittedly, that would not be difficult. It will be nice to see them young again. I just finished book 5, The Fiery Cross, which is getting really good but I won’t discuss it in this blog post. I will, however, take you back to the mid-season finale and where the TV show left off.

If you don’t recall what happened, Claire was dragged away by British soldiers just before she reaches the stones that would return her to her own time, to Frank. On the other side of time was Frank, grieving and completely missing her. He seemed utterly lost without knowing what had happened to his wife. It was quite sad, but sorry to say folks, that part was not in the book. Understandably, with the challenges of adapting books to the screen, scenes and different plot lines are added to make the story more cohesive. In this case, I didn’t mind at all. I thought it was a good touch because it brought a different light to Frank and made you more sympathetic to Claire’s dilemma when it comes to the man (men) she loves.

At Fort William, Claire tries out her wits with Black Jack Randall but he catches her in a lie and without further “discussion” attempts to rape her. Right before he does, Jamie, crashes in from the window pointing a gun and calmly says, “I’ll thank ye to take yer hands off my wife!”


Yay, Jamie to the rescue! Talk about a cliffhanger! I know what happens next but I am still anxious to see what the show will bring. According to the show’s creator, Ronald D. Moore, it will closely follow the book but this time with narratives from Jamie. Outlander was written in a first person account through Claire’s voice and it stays like that through the entire book. In the second book and up to book 5, there is a mishmash of Claire’s narrative and a third person narrative (so far).

This second half of the show is where all the bad stuff is going to happen… to Jamie. Poor guy! He’s been flogged, imprisoned, on the run, almost killed (several times), and was forced to marry the most stubborn woman from the 20th century. Though, this last part might not have been so bad for him.

We’ve seen how sinister Black Jack Randall can be. On his first meeting with Claire, he is suspicious of her and then quickly decides he wants to rape her, but she is saved by Murtagh. On his second meeting, he punches her in the stomach and then tries to get another officer to kick her while she’s down, but Dougal comes to save her. I’m sure he would have wanted to rape her had Dougal not interrupted. Then, the last meeting with her at Fort William, he tries to rape her again, knowing that no one was coming for her, but this time her husband comes to save her. What is up with the raping?! I’ll let you guess what kind of man Black Jack Randall was.

I’m looking forward to watching the show again. It’s a treat seeing two beautiful actors (Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan) playing characters I have grown to love since I started reading the stories just last year.

Mid-Season Premiere of Outlander Starts on April 4, 2015. Watch the sneak peek.

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