Doctor Who: Top 5 Best Doctors by Rank

Christmas has passed and we are a week into the New Year. Do you know what this means? We wait. The Doctor Who Christmas Special introduced us to the Thirteenth Doctor and she’s a lady. We didn’t get our first lady president but we did get our first lady Doctor Who.

Instead of being angry about last year. I figured I’d share my personal favorites and hopefully something positive. AND instead of just stating what I like, I figured I’d measure it. 

I’ve ranked my top 5 Doctors by giving them points each time a statement or question I’ve listed in a survey I’ve created is true. The Doctor with the most points wins! (My list is at the end of this post)

Full disclosure, this is all very subjective, extremely biased, and completely opinionated. I’m only factoring in the BBC TV show and Doctors 9 through 12. I’m not including any books, comic books, audio or fan-fiction. My source is the internet which may or may not contain facts. Some are debatable but I’m not reporting the news and I’m not validating cannon. This is just for fun. Also, this scoring system is positive. Instead of pointing out all the things I don’t like, I’ll focus on all the things I do like.

The Ninth Doctor was my first Doctor and all Doctors before him are outside of my knowledge base, so I’ve excluded them from my list. I don’t claim to know everything about Doctor Who but I am a fan, a Whovian, and I’ve loved it since my day one, sometime in 2012.

…eh.. hem… I don’t eat Member Berries.

Now let’s get to ranking!

Here they are, in order by rank based on my arbitrary system.

#5: War Doctor – John Hurt

Score: 1 

He received a score because War Doctor was featured in an episode with Rose Tyler, one of my favorite companions. Not saying I didn’t like him, but he’s only been featured in two episodes. The Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor, where all (most) of the Doctors appear. If you really want to dissect it further, it wasn’t really Rose Tyler in that episode. It was “The Moment”, but I don’t care, I’m counting it as Rose anyway. Paul McGann also played War Doctor, but he’s not pictured here.

#4: Twelfth Doctor – Peter Capaldi

Score: 2

He was in an episode with Rose Tyler and I liked his sonic screwdriver the best. Not the stupid sonic sunglasses but the new one, right after he got rid of those silly things. It lights up green and blue and doesn’t remind me of a ladies pleasure or possible torture device. I’ll let you decide how 50 Shades of Grey you can get with it. Anyway, it completely made up for the sunglasses… staying positive.

#3: Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston

Score: 3

I lost my Who-ginity to him. He was my first Doctor. Of course he didn’t have to prove to me he was Doctor Who. I didn’t even know who Doctor Who was yet. I knew who the actor Christopher Eccleston was, so I wasn’t completely in the dark. Most of his movies were dark dramas. I was expecting the same tone in Doctor Who but I got a great balance between seriousness and ridiculousness. The Empty Child was my all time favorite episode with the creepy kid with the gas mask asking, “Are you my mummy?” Rose was his companion then, and we also got to meet Jack Harkness for the first time.

#2: Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith

Score: 6

He didn’t have to convince me he was the Doctor either. As soon as I saw him, although I was extremely sad that David Tennant would no longer be the Doctor, I completely accepted Matt as the new one. He seemed to be the best fit as River Song’s husband. Twelve just didn’t seem believable as anyone’s “Sweetie”. His companion was Amy Pond from the start and he was in the episode with “The Moment” aka Rose Tyler. The Weeping Angels always showed up for him, sadly taking Amy and Rory from us. Lastly, his theme song, logo, and beginning credits were way cooler than the rest.

#1: Tenth Doctor – David Tennant

Score: 8

You already knew.

Rose Tyler was his first companion. In fact, I’m sure he was going to say he loved her before he ran out of time and disappeared from the beach. He was in Blink, which is everyone’s favorite episode. He has the most episodes and Christmas Specials. I could easily cosplay him and be comfy. He’s funny, yet not silly and expresses crazy very well. There’s just something ’round the eyes… and need I say more…. ? Wibbly… Wobbly… Timey… Wimey… Stuff.

There you have it. My top 5. Notice my top 2 are the funny looking guys? 

Here’s my list of statements and questions I used to score my Doctors. Now you try it. Just replace your favorite companions, monsters, and episodes. Give ’em a point for each statement that’s true. Enjoy!

  1. Has been featured in episodes with my two favorite companions: Rose Tyler and Amy Pond.
  2. I like this Doctor best as River Song’s husband.
  3. Was in my two favorite episodes: The Empty Child and Blink.
  4. Has been featured in the most episodes with my favorite monster, the Weeping Angels.
  5. Has been featured in the most episodes, period.
  6. Has been featured in the most Christmas Specials.
  7. I like the way this Doctor dresses and I would be able to easily cosplay.
  8. Has my favorite catchphrase: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff
  9. I immediately accepted as being the new Doctor.
  10. Has my favorite Sonic Screwdriver.
  11. Has my favorite Doctor Who theme song, logo, and title opening.
  12. Is funny, but not silly
  13. Expresses “crazy” very well.

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