Discovering Doctor Who

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tardisEveryone has their own Doctor Who discover story. I was first introduced to The Doctor about three years ago. I knew of Doctor Who, and have heard many references to Doctor Who, but never watched the show so I didn’t really understand the references. Since I welcome spoilers with open arms, I was given a detailed description of the storyline starting from 2005’s reboot with the 9th Doctor (sorry, Classic Who, I can’t go back that far). The back and forth paradoxical timeline of the Doctor is difficult to recall, so bravo to the friend that was able to retell it for me. has an awesome detailed timeline if you happen to get lost, check it out.

I immediately started binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix soon after I learned about it, and pissed off my husband on several occasions because I wouldn’t “go to bed”. My longest marathon run was twelve episodes. Granted, this doesn’t come close to breaking any records but it was a lot for me and I caught up to the show pretty quickly. Even though I’ve been watching episodes as they air on TV for several seasons now, I’m still unclear on when the season actually starts. Thank goodness for DVR’s and all my fellow Whovians on Twitter letting me know when to tune in.

What do I think about the latest Doctor? I’m really digging the father/daughter dynamic between him and Clara. Maybe it’s more like a big brother and little sister relationship, but whatever ever it is, I like it. It’s a good transition from the 11th Doctor’s regeneration, which we all thought would not happen. Plus, I don’t think I’d be accepting to Clara in a romantic scenario with another Doctor who is not Matt Smith. She’s his Impossible Girl. However, I am accepting of her relationship with Mr. Pink. He’s not the Doctor so it doesn’t count. He’ll probably have the same role Mickey did with Rose, but I’m hoping he’ll be a companion like Rory was with Amy. It probably would have been weird if Clara was still flirting with this new Doctor because he’s so much like a big brother, albeit, the show is weird so what ever Steven Moffat writes, I will accept. I will learn to like it dammit, because he’s a genius! I wasn’t sure I was going to like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor either, but I do. I think it’s the Scottish accent!

My favorite Doctor so far is the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant (also Scottish). Although he’s not in it, my favorite episode is The Empty Child. It was creepy. It’s also when we meet Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood spinoff). My favorite monsters/villains are the Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who ranks in my top 5 list of shows I really, really, really like. Well, get to it and start watching with me.

New episodes air on Saturdays on BBC America.

Here’s the trailer for The Empty Child, I promise you’ll like it.


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