Blink! For Your Favorite Doctor Who Villain: The Weeping Angels


Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Blink you can catch Doctor Who episodes on Amazon Prime. It’s worth it.

One of my favorite villains from Doctor Who are the Weeping Angels. They’re just creepy looking! They look like stone angel statues that don’t move but when you look away… they get you! The “they get you” part I’m now realizing is not that bad. They don’t really kill you. You simply live out your life in another time while they consume the energy from the life you didn’t get to live. Not that bad at all, right? 

The first time we see the Weeping Angels was in the episode called Blink (season 3) with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant and his companion at the time Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). The Doctor does a lot of explaining but doesn’t really do a whole lot else in this episode. The story/adventure was about Sally Sparrow, played by the lovely Carey Mulligan. It starts out with her in a creepy abandoned house with her friend Kathy Nightingale. Kathy gets “taken” by the Angels and is dropped off in the 1920’s where she meets a man and lives out the rest of her life in that time. I’m sure she was happy, so not that bad, right?

Blink is a great standalone episode to watch if you don’t know anything about Doctor Who or the mythology. If you do know Doctor Who, then I know you enjoyed it. Here’s a scene with the Doctor creatively explaining what the Weeping Angels are. Bravo Steven Moffat. It was a very clever exposition.

In conclusion, the Weeping Angels are my favorite Doctor Who villains because they look creepy and their villainous prowess is cool: quantum-locking. I’m also okay with the idea that even though they’ve “got me” I’ll be okay… living in another time… I hope. At least this is how I’ve managed to deal with losing Amy and Rory.

I know there’s an over usage of the word “creepy” in this blog post but it fits. Let me have just one more.

I just got this cookie jar. Creepy, right? But I can’t deny that it’s also really cool looking. Although, it might discourage you from having too many cookies. You can find this weeping angels cookie jar and other Doctor Who stuff at our online store



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