Agent Carter, I’m On Board for Another Season of Kick-Ass Ladies


SPOILER ALERT. This post contains a few spoilers for Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC.

I allowed myself to watch the entire season before deciding to have an opinion on it, or at least before I share my opinion. Typically, I don’t really get into a show until about mid season or by the second season. There is a short list of shows in which I’m on board from day one. Marvel’s Agent Carter was a show I was very much looking forward to… because, a) I love anything Marvel and, b) it was a spinoff to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which I was really getting into.

Marvel’s Agent Carter premiered when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went on hiatus, so it filled in the empty void. I like the 40’s look and style, especially the cars. It was nice to see a beautiful lady from that time period kick ass in her pumps rather than being the damsel in distress. Though I feel a bit ashamed that the first thing I noticed was Agent Carter’s huge rack! When she appears in that sparkly white dress and blond hair all I said was, “Wow, quite busty she is.” (In a British accent, of course). I watched Captain America and had never noticed this. That was probably because I really didn’t care for the Captain America movie and fell asleep twice trying to watch it. Still, thumbs up to Hayley Atwell for making a believable badass and proving that big breasts do not get in the way of your ability to put the smack down. I was rooting for her and she did not disappoint.


The first episode was pretty good. The story starts out after the end of WWII and the death of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. The super secret agency called SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) was introduced and we learn that Peggy Carter is one of its secret agents. The only drawback was being a lady in that time, she was reduced to being a secretary and ordering lunch for her male counterparts. The story has just enough comic book hero stuff. Especially with a secret bad guy operation called Leviathan and that crazy typewriter thing! I half expected the series to be like Fringe or The X-Files, but remained calm and let the story take me where it needed to go. Peggy is enlisted by her friend Howard Stark to become a double agent to help him clear his name and is joined by Stark’s butler, Jarvis. After retrieving one of Stark’s stolen inventions, Peggy goes home to diffuse the device but her roommate is killed in her place by the bad guy on her trail. Naturally she blames herself for the death and doesn’t allow new friends to get any closer to her.


The season only had 8 episodes but towards the middle I admittedly lost some interest. I wasn’t seeing enough of what I wanted to see. They didn’t have a lot of Howard Stark until the last episode. He was talked about through the season but not seen too much. Plus, it was very frustrating to see the “men” take credit for Peggy’s detective work, but I guess that was the point. She also appeared extremely wounded about losing Captain America, but then again, who wouldn’t be all bent out of shape about that. To me, it seemed like the writers lost their direction but pulled it together just in the nick of time.

The season ended with every part of the storyline coming together with not a lot of wasteful scenes. Leviathan finally made sense. We knew exactly who the enemy was, Dr. Ivchenko and his beautiful assassin Dottie. Dr. Ivchenko, once a good doctor, is a master hypnotist and hypnotized his victims into doing his bidding. Leviathan turned out to be Dr. Ivchenko’s revenge on Howard Stark and Stark’s creation of Midnight Oil. Originally meant to enhance a soldier’s stamina and ability to soldier on, it instead lead to psychosis. General McGinnis took the toxic gas and released it in the Battle of Finnow and all the Russian soldiers savagely killed each other. Dr. Ivchenko’s brother was one of the hundreds of soldiers killed in the battle as he described with his eyes gouged out and flesh bitten off his face. Stark, under Ivchenko’s hypnotic spell, thinks he is on his way to locate Captain America and rescue him, but is actually flying his plane towards Manhattan to release the toxic Midnight Oil over Times Square.


After getting to Stark’s secret hanger, Peggy gets into a brutal brawl with Dottie, who takes a baseball bat to her, but she eventually gets the upperhand and kicks Dottie out of a two story window. Dottie lands in a bloody heap, seemingly dead. Peggy gets herself to the radio transmitter to talk Stark out of his hypnosis. Jarvis, being the only one who can fly a plane follows Stark, preparing to shoot him down before he reaches the city.


Peggy tries to convince Stark that this was all in his head and that Captain America was dead. They had to let him go. Her words finally sink in and Stark realizes he was under Dr. Ivchenko’s spell. Jarvis leads him home and they bicker about how Stark, under no circumstances, would ever want to be shot down. Dottie’s body is no longer where it landed, apparently she escaped, but Dr. Ivchenko is taken into custody with a gag in his mouth so he couldn’t talk else they would all be hypnotized.

When Peggy goes back to the SSR she is greeted with praises, handshakes and a job well done by her fellow agents but Thompson gets all the credit for saving New York. Peggy at this point doesn’t care what other people think because she knows her own value. Aww, nice message for the girls today!

Toby_Jones_as_Arnim_ZolaThe last scene is of Dr. Ivchenko in prison with a metal contraption on his face to keep him from speaking. His cellmate is a familiar face from Captain America, Dr. Arnim Zola. Why would they put them together? Well, of course they would, otherwise there would be no Marvel Universe… Hail Hydra!


I can’t wait for what they’ll come up with for season 2.

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