What is The Last of Us?

What is The Last of Us?

The Last of Us is a third person, action-adventure, survival horror video game. Developed by Naughty Dog, the game was released exclusively for PlayStation consoles. The story line revolves around two characters, protagonists Joel and Ellie. Creative Director Neil Druckmann was able to perfectly capture the emotion of the characters in the cinematic cut scenes. The performances of Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) will pull at your heart strings. The Last of Us has been nominated for over 230 Game of the Year awards, thus making it the most awarded game in history.


What is it about?

In the words of Naughty Dog, “Joel and Ellie, brought together by harsh circumstance, must survive a brutal journey across the US in a dangerous post-pandemic world.” An outbreak of a mutated virus referred to as the “Cordyceps” virus has destroyed a majority of civilization. The virus can be spread through the bite of an infected host or through the inhalation of spores. Once infected, the spores will gradually encase the host’s brain. The host will become cannibalistic and dangerously violent. The infected are not necessarily zombies because the host is still alive.

The trailer posted is intended for mature audiences due to intense graphic violence and strong language. In the trailer there are various clips from the video game depicting the obstacles Ellie and Joel have to overcome together. From aiding the leader of the Fireflies (a rebel army), their encounter with a town of Hunters (another group of survivors), and the infected.

The short trailer may not be enough to convince anyone that this game is worthy of Game of the Year. There is a lot of information withheld that the players must experience and discover for themselves. Playing The Last of Us is a personal journey that cannot be easily described.

How good is this game?

The Last of Us was released June 14, 2013. I have played this game since the first day it was released, over a year later and I still love it as much as the first day. I frequently play both the campaign and multiplayer.

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