Get Your Zombie Fix With Stupid Zombies

Screenshot_2015-01-20-13-56-07So I’m a little bit… okay, maybe a lot… behind the times when it comes to popular games. I still don’t play Candy Crush and I obsessed over Angry Birds for about 10 minutes. While browsing for more free games on Amazon for my daughters, my 13 year old son suggested I get Stupid Zombies. What? Stupid Zombies? I had to ask him to repeat it because I didn’t get it the first time, thinking he said something else. My hubby said he used to play it too, obsessively, and that it was actually really fun.

Anything that has “Stupid” in the title has just got to be fun… or stupid, but either way, worth a peek. If you know me, you know I can’t get enough of zombies and The Walking Dead isn’t coming back until February so this is a good way to get my zombie fix until then.

It’s not complicated. You just need to kill the zombies with a single shot and with the least amount of ricochets as possible. Fun, I could play this! It’s a good way to kill some time (and zombies) when you’re just waiting around. It doesn’t take a lot of focus and you can stop playing at any time… That’s if you have some self control. I just started the game so I haven’t gotten very far. I probably put in about 5 minutes at a time when I have my phone handy.

Well, turns out the girls really didn’t care for it. Olivia went back to Netflix and Ava went back to watching a British guy play Minecraft.

Go figure…

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