Does That Make You Feel Better?


Just like the real world, the online gaming world is full of a**holes. There are several ways to deal with them: you can either let them get to you, ignore them, play along, or get even. I’m not sure what drives one to instinctively troll and attempt to ruin another’s experience online.

In The Last of Us there is a multiplayer option, listed as “factions”. Players are separated into two teams, with a maximum of four players on each team. There are three different modes for a player to choose from: Supply Raid, Survivors, and Interrogation. Players are allowed to set up parties prior to entering a match, [somewhat] ensuring they will always be on the same team as their mates or join a lobby with random players.

  • In Supply Raid the objective is to eliminate the enemy team. Players will have a set number of lives indicating the number of times they are allowed to respawn. The respawns are shared amongst the team members.
  • Survivors is essentially just like Supply Raid although there are no respawns during the match. It is not until the end of the round will the teammates/enemy be respawned.
  • In Interrogation the objective is to locate the enemy lock box and raid its contents (almost like capture the flag). There is an infinite number of respawns available.

My preferred online game mode is Supply Raid. Like most online shooters, there is nothing more satisfying than eliminating your opponent(s). Especially if you’re capable of taking on more than one at once. Because there are a set number of lives in Supply Raid it is crucial you revive a fallen teammate as it could put the opposing team ahead of you. There are two parts to eliminating a player. The first part is “downing them” this happens when a player’s health meter is completely depleted and they are incapable of attacking. The second part is the “execution” which can be done in a number of ways; you can even choose to leave them until they bleed out.

During one particular game I was doing really well and eliminating a majority of the enemy players. I was on a team with one of my mates with two random players. There was one random player who was intentionally trying to troll me. Initially, he would constantly steal our executions. We overlooked this because it wasn’t like that would have prevented us from winning. While going over my supplies in my book bag I heard an enemy trip one of my bombs. Investigating the area I found the downed opponent and took my execution.


Unbeknownst to me, the fallen enemy’s teammate was nearby and dropped in front me (he was also very laggy) and we down one another. After the fiasco my teammates appear to be coming to my aid as they seemed to have thrown a Molotov at the enemy, only to miss the downed opponent. At this point my teammate could have revived me and saved us a life. Instead, he decides to steal yet another execution from me. To top it off he stands over the area I had just died and taunts me.

Usually this wouldn’t bother me but I was irritated at this guy’s lack of efficiency. I decided to get payback, it wouldn’t be immediately but at a very crucial moment [highlighting my close combat skills]. When the troll gets downed I proceed to tea-bag him and all he can do is watch and endure the humiliation and rage quits immediately after. My mate fails to down a nearby foe. I peak around the corner and down him. The adversary’s teammate rushes in with a shotgun, but thanks to my ninja like reflexes I dodge just enough of the blast to escape with a sliver of health. I hop over the wall and hide behind a snowmobile.

As I begin to heal myself my clever foe tosses a bomb at me, again with my ninja like reflexes I manage to dodge the bomb and take a huge risk by shooting the player attempting to revive his fallen teammate. I down him. Whether in shock or disbelief the third opponent decided a second too late to shoot at me and misses. His error proves fatal as I blast his head off, he also rage quits [two in a row, I’m on fire]. Immediately after my amazing triumph, I run to the “last man standing” and execute him with a Molotov. In less than one minute I have killed an entire team. The events were captured in the video posted below.

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