Collect the Entire Labyrinth Pop! Vinyl Figures this September


I better be careful what I wish for because Jareth, the Goblin King just granted my wish! Well, actually Funko granted my wish. I can just dance magic dance magic dance! I may be jumping the gun making this announcement now but frankly I don’t give a damn. Funko has included Jim Henson’s Labyrinth in their line of hugely popular pop vinyl collectible figures.

The Labyrinth Collection includes:

  • Jareth, the Goblin King
  • Sarah & Worm (Yes, the worm that says, “El-lo” not “Hello”)
  • Hoggle
  • Ludo, in a 6” super sized version

I sincerely hope Funko continues to add to the Labyrinth Collection. Adding Sir Didymus would be awesome! Wish for this with me. Just don’t wish for the Goblins to come take you away, right now.


Collect the entire line of Labyrinth Pop! Vinyl Figures this September. You can pre-order at and because David Bowie.

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