Clash Of Clans, Most Addictive MMO Game Ever

Clash of the ClansOkay, so if you think this game is lame, then all I can say is “to each his own” because I just can’t seem to stop playing it. Now, I don’t have an addictive personality and my attention span is relatively short when it comes to gaming, but for some reason, I always go back to playing this game. Usually I don’t get into MMO’s because… “I’m a rebel and I defy everything that is trendy!”… Just kidding, this is my attempt at being hipster-y. In reality, I like what I like, and if half the world happens to like it too, then the more the merrier… and half the world is my kinda peeps. My 13-year-old son, however begs to differ, because he thinks it’s a lame game. I don’t care though. I’m not looking for his approval… really, I’m not.

I spend at least 5 to 10 minutes (yes, correct, 5 to 10 minutes) whenever I have 5 to 10 minutes to spare… doing absolutely NOTHING on this game. This ends up happening about 3 to 4 times in one day, equating to about 40 minutes, tops, that I spend playing per day. Sometimes I skip playing for several days because my “builders” are busy “building”. I train my troops, maybe raid a village if I have troops ready or upgrade something. I never spend money on it. My currency is time. I suspect that’s how the game makers make their money, because you can buy more gems, to buy coins or elixir when you don’t have time to spare.

I hadn’t realized the huge following because my husband, Mr. Grumpy Pants, turned me on to this game when he “required” extra help in troop donation and more members in his clan. The irony is, he doesn’t really play it anymore… and I’m hooked! Other than Mr. Grumpy Pants, I didn’t personally know anyone who played it. Today, I discovered that a co-worker plays it too. OMG, imagine my excitement. Finding someone who plays the same games as you do is almost like finding someone who has read the same book you’ve read. This co-worker just started playing and since his Town Hall is only at level 3, I’m providing “helpful” advice on how to progress in the game. I know, LAME, but I get obsessive over this kind of stuff so I don’t judge me.

Clash of Clans MizritterI haven’t gotten very far in the game, because I do play it with my “time”, taking my “time”. My Town Hall is only at Level 7 and I haven’t upgraded my coin storage beyond 3 million. Because I don’t play everyday, people raid my village and I have to either mine or raid to get more coin and elixir, thus requiring more playing time to lapse. I’ve got plenty of 5 to 10 minute increments of time to spare so this works out very well with my schedule.

I’m in clan “Best Hunters”. We aren’t doing much as far as stats and wars and such… but what the heck, I’m not keeping tabs. If clan members ask for troops, I donate. If they declare war, I will battle. Well, alright then, if you happen to play Clash of Clans, like half the world does, then I hope to see you online.

BTW, I’m exaggerating when I say “half the world”. What I really mean is a “shit-ton”. I don’t really know what numeric value “shit-ton” equates to, but I expect it is “a lot”.

Have fun!

mizritter at Best Hunters on Clash of Clans


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