An Honest Review For Dying Light, A Survival Horror Video Game

What is Dying Light? 

Dying Light is a first person, open-world, survival horror video game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game features a day and night cycle. Night time brings out even harder creatures that require a bit of strategy to get around. Free-running has been incorporated as a means of travel and survival.






What is it about?

The game revolves around an undercover Global Relief Effort (GRE) agent, Kyle Crane (voiced by Roger Craig Smith), who is sent to recover information and a possible cure for the virus. Crane is sent into a quarantine zone, the city of Harran (it’s infected with zombies!). His mission is to recover stolen sensitive files from a rogue agent Kadir “Rais” Suleiman (voiced by Jim Pirri). The video posted below is a trailer for Dying Light.

How good is this game?

This game was basically a combination of Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge (I loved both games). Dead Island was another game developed by Techland. The free-running saved this game from being another Dead Island with better graphics, though I do think they should’ve given Mirror’s Edge some props for the free-running ideas. They even kept the same controls. Intentional or not, it is what it is. The plot was fairly average and the replay value is low. Even with online co-op and the many side missions there isn’t much that keeps me coming back.

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