Definitely Not My Choice Actor for the Role

SPOILER ALERT. This blog post contains some spoilers for The Hunger Games (books).

There are plenty of perfectly good actors cast for the wrong roles. This is just my opinion and has nothing to do with the actors’ talents or their abilities to play the part. I’ve seen so many of my favorite characters from books and comics being cast with, in my opinion, the wrong actors. Here are just three that I am completely in disagreement with and I just can’t bring myself to get over. Casting director, you’re fired! So disappointed.

1. Halle Berry as Storm from the X-Men franchise was a failure. Yes, I have been upset about this for 15 years. I like Halle Berry. She’s a decent actress and super hot, but she’s no Storm. I grew up seeing Storm from the cartoons and comics as a strong, maternal, older African woman with long flowy white hair. There is just something too dainty about Halle Berry that didn’t fit the bill for me. She seems like she would need rescuing rather than being the rescuer.

I think the role would have been better cast with Angela Bassett. She’s a strong-er, older woman who I think could pull off “mighty African woman with mutant powers to control weather”. Have you seen Strange Days?! Have you seen American Horror Story: Coven?! Just imagine her with white hair, an African accent and showing her wrath when conjuring up a thunderstorm. She would have made a kick-ass Storm.

2. James Marsden as Cyclops was also an epic fail. What the heck were they thinking?! I know he’s a hottie but he does not look like a good match to play opposite Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey. His presence was just not strong enough for me to believe Jean wouldn’t stray with the Wolverine. He just seemed a little too weak and too soft looking, handsome, but too soft to be Cyclops and perhaps too young.

Cyclops should have been played by Gerard Butler or someone like him. He would have been a formative opposition against Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Two alpha males, too much testosterone, fighting for one girl? Jean Grey would definitely be torn between remaining faithful to her man or straying with the wild man.

3. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in the Hunger Games was quite disappointing. Everyone cried about Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna, (which I was perfectly okay with) but all I saw was the flaw in who they had cast for Peeta. I am very fanatical about The Hunger Games. I’ve read all three books at least 5 times over. Actually, I listened to the audio books at least 5 times over. Anyway, I “read” the books before I saw the movie. In the books, Peeta is described as a warm-hearted, kind, town boy, baker’s son, very bulky and can lift a 100 pound bag of flour like it was nothing. Josh is a fine actor and he plays the role well but he physically doesn’t fit the part and I can’t see him being able to handle a 100 pound bag of flour let alone Katniss Everdeen. He’s also several inches shorter than Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t see Katniss falling in love and choosing him over Gale. Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

In my mind, they could have easily cast Liam Hemsworth as Peeta. Some other handsome guy can play Gale. Let’s just start referring to Liam as Peeta.

This concludes my rant. I know there are more but these are just the three that chaps my hide. What are some roles you thought were horribly cast?

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