I Dream of Chickens in San Diego

Raising Chickens in an Urban Setting.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve imagined myself living on a farm somewhere in California with my husband and kids. I would have chickens, goats, a milking cow, maybe some ducks, a pond and a garden full of vegetables. My little farm would be big enough to feed my little family. It would be self-sustaining and off the grid, just a little bit. As a city girl, I’m not sure how likely this dream is to become a reality, but I can never stop hoping.

I am well aware that raising chickens isn’t a new trend, but it was something unfamiliar in my world of urban dwelling. At work, one of our top-selling products for home automation is a simple little product called the “Chicken Coop Motor”. It opens the chicken coop door so your chickens can come out during the day. At night, when your chickens go back inside, the door closes behind them so you don’t have to. At first, it blew my mind that this motor exists at all, let alone sells. To my surprise, it continues to sell very well for us. Click on the image if you want to know more about it.

My dream of living on a farm hasn’t been realized yet, but raising chickens isn’t too far out of my reach. I’ve been wanting to raise chickens ever since this little product came across my desk, but things just haven’t lined up for me to be able to do it. My in-laws live in a more rural area and they started raising chickens a few years ago. They have six chickens, and all are different species. The chicken coop is large enough for them to walk inside. It’s really nice. Just recently, I learned my co-worker has chickens too! Just imagine, fresh eggs for breakfast. I’ve eaten fresh eggs and they are quite tasty. Several years ago at work, we found a pair of red hens just roaming around the parking lot. I don’t work in “rural farm country” so I can only assume they escaped from someone’s yard. I don’t know what ever became of those hens. Most likely they became food for coyotes because… I don’t think they made it home. Here they are just roaming around.

With everyone wanting to go organic and self-sustaining, raising chickens has become extremely popular. The proof is in our sales of the Chicken Coop Motors. I’ve noticed that this rustic way of living started trending back in the early 2000’s. It may have started way before this, but this was when my adult brain took notice. If you are a city dweller, don’t be discouraged if you want to raise chickens because you probably can do it. I live in San Diego, and according to this PDF, I can keep up to five chickens at my home. Their coop just needs to be outside at least 5 feet from the side property line and 13 feet from the rear property line. You’ll have to check with your city since rules and regulations vary. If you don’t know what you are doing, there are websites and magazines just dedicated on the topic of raising chickens.

Well, one day my dream of living on a farm will come true. In the meantime, I can have chickens in the backyard. I think I want Leghorn chickens because their eggs are bigger. Plus, I love Foghorn Leghorn. Fresh eggs, here I come…. maybe… (I’m so non-committal).

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