Appreciate The Little Things for Valentine’s Day

vdayHappy Valentine’s Day. The day when couples feel the need to show excessive public displays of affection and single people pretend they don’t care.

Today we’ll see people, mostly ladies, posting up images of the flowers or chocolates they receive and later today we’ll see posts of couples on romantic dates professing their love for each other… Oh, romance.

On the other side of the coin, many single people will be posting about how stupid a holiday this is, how much they really don’t care, and bah humbug for Valentine’s Day.

Ladies with the flowers, easy with the showing off. You might want to consider the feelings of your single friends. Single people, it’s not uncool to give a sh**t.

I’m a girly girl when it comes to romance. I love flowers, teddy bears and stuff like that. I’ve been married for almost 14 years now and in the beginning we did all that. In actuality, he did all that. Now, we exchange cards and maybe dinner. What happened? Well, I happened. When you don’t appreciate your significant other for doing all those things, they will stop. Don’t expect it, appreciate it. When I get a card now, it’s like the greatest thing ever. I’m not saying this ironically, he actually takes a lot of effort picking out a card that says exactly what he feels. It’s very sweet. Then, he writes a little something extra and signs it.

A few Valentine’s ago, he gave me a card (which I keep in my desk) with a lovely note inside. I later found a rough draft of the same note on a scrap sheet of paper that he forgot to throw away….. He wrote a first draft!!! Adorbs!  Yes, my heart melted. I’m a big sap.

This Valentine’s Day Mr. Grumpy Pants said “Happy Valentine’s Day.” and that is all I need.

Enjoy your day everyone.

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