Funko’s Mystery Minis Figures

When we first started the online shop for our blog Interestingly Normal, the first obvious question was… “What the heck are we going to offer on the store?”


Well, that wasn’t hard to figure out. I knew what I wanted… As a Doctor Who fanatic, I knew I just wanted to buy every Doctor Who toy, replica, plush, novelty, collectible that I could find. That takes care of what I wanted, now what did everyone else want?

The next people I turned to for answers were… my kids.

I originally thought this was going to be easy. Caleb, my teenager, was very passive about it all. He just wanted to be able to play with the stuff that we get. He likes all the same things I like but I would have to say, not as aggressively as Mom! Ava, my little Diva, wanted everything Minecraft. At least that wouldn’t be very difficult. Minecraft is so popular I can look to my left (or right) and find a gazillion things. My youngest, Olivia, wanted everything My Little Pony and what she called “blind bags”.

My first reaction was, “What the heck is that?”

I observed the kids for a while, specifically Olivia. All she did was go on YouTube to watch videos of people opening toys they referred to as “blind bags”. The first video I saw was of a lady with blind bags for My Little Pony. She had a couple bags and the excitement in her voice was… well, just too exciting. The ideas is that you buy a mystery bag out of a case. The selection is random. The products are packages blind by the factory. There are a number of characters that come out of a case and you take your chances on which one you end up with. Most of the time you’ll be happy with any of the characters.

Here’s a fun video of a kid opening Funko My Little Pony Mystery Minis

After evaluating this and seeing the huge popularity of it I thought I’d get a couple cases of the blind bags/boxes of the series that we liked… The Walking Dead and My Little Pony.

When I told my husband, Mr. Grumpy Pants, what I had purchased, he says to me, “No one would want that. I’d want to know exactly what I’m getting. That’s just crazy.”

My response was that he just didn’t understand and this is what the people and the kids wanted.

Well, lo and behold, our very first order on the webstore was for Funko’s The Walking Dead Mystery Mini Figures. What’s fun!


… did I rub it in his face? You bet I did! Gotta love it when you can say, “I told ya so!”


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