Get Some Sushi in San Diego

I have yet to experience food that is “to die for”, however I have come very close. All my foodie friends tell me I’m missing out but I continue on my search for that succulence that is… to die for. Sushi is on my top 5 of types of food I enjoy. It’s actually quite new to me so I’m not a snob about it. I was introduced to it about 3 years ago when I turned 32. My mom wanted to throw me a party at a sushi place. So what the heck, mom’s paying for it, I’ll try it. From that moment on, I was hooked, specifically to yellowtail sashimi.

Every city and person has their own special place for sushi and I’m here to share one of my San Diego sushi spots.

The Parlour. This is a new place in downtown San Diego. The East Village to be exact. The atmosphere is super classy. The name is even spelled the English way with the “u” thrown in. I love it! I was invited to a travel party the first time I stopped by. It wasn’t even open yet. If you’re in the East Village and want some great sushi, you have to stop by. The sashimi was super fresh and the rolls were delicious. They don’t ruin the sashimi by pouring extra sesame oil or sprinkling sesame seeds all over it. The prices are very reasonable and the food is exceptional. The sushi is as yummy as it looks. Plus, everyone is so nice.

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Need I say more? Go, get some sushi.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Triple M Designz Productions produced the video… check it out.

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