Somewhat Captivated by Outlander: Review of Book 7, An Echo in the Bone

echo in bone

A review of An Echo in the Bone, Book 7 of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

SPOILER ALERT. This blog post contains some spoilers.

I’m still very much committed to the Outlander series especially the TV show, but a little less passionate about the books. We just finished up season two of the TV show and it was as if it was my turn to go back in time. Season two covered the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, and with the season finale introduced Brianna and Roger. I’m not happy with who they cast as Brianna (actress Sophie Skelton). She simply doesn’t fit the image I had of Brianna in my head, but I’ll be open to it. After all, it’s only been one episode.

What’s better than another season of #Outlander? How about TWO!? Happy #WorldOutlanderDay!

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@outlander_starz posted on Instagram that they’ve signed up for another two seasons. Season 3 will most likely be parts of Dragonfly in Amber that was not covered this season. I assume the rest will be based on book 3 – Voyager. I hope they combine books 3 Voyager, 4 Drums of Autumn, 5 The Fiery Cross, and 6 A Breath of Snow and Ashes for the upcoming seasons. A lot of things happen but most of it can be skipped for the screen.

It’s taken me a while, but I’m just now getting around to blogging about An Echo in the Bone. The book starts off where the last one ended. Brianna and family make it safely back to the future. They go to Lallybroch in the 1980’s but William Buccleigh, Roger’s ancestor, accidentally travels to the future with them. Because there would be no story without trouble, Brianna’s co-worker reads letters from Claire and Jamie that mention hidden gold and only Jem knew the location. He kidnaps Jem. Roger and Bucc, thinking Jem was forced to traveled through the stones, also make the dangerous trek back in time to look for him except Jem was actually held captive in the 20th century.

Arch Bug and Mrs. Bug turn out to not be as loyal to Jamie as they appeared to be. Arch was the third man who was entrusted with a third of the French gold after Bonnie Prince Charles’ failed rebellion. He was also the unknown man harassing blind Jocasta Cameron. The Bugs attempt to retrieve the gold hidden under the ashes of the main house on Fraser’s Ridge. After a small fight, Ian looses his arrow and kills Mrs. Bug. Arch vows to wait for Ian to have someone worth losing before he takes revenge. Of course Ian falls for the Quaker girl Rachel Hunter and Arch goes on the hunt to kill her.

Jamie returns to Scotland alone after hearing word of elder Ian’s impending death. Claire stayed behind to help little Henri-Christian. Jamie writes back after Ian dies with news that Jenny was coming to America with him. Claire then gets word that the ship they were returning on sank. Claire and Lord John both think Jamie is dead. Lord John quickly marries Claire to protect her from being arrested as a spy. While both were in total despair over Jamie’s death they end up sleeping together. It turns out Jamie and Jenny lived. They never made it on the doomed ship and found another passage a few months later.

There was a lot going on in An Echo in the Bone and it definitely had a lot more action to hold my attention than the previous books. I enjoyed it but I thought it dragged on a little in some spots. I’m still a fan. Last book to review is book 8, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood.

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