Holy Fizzgig The Dark Crystal Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures Are Almost Here


If you were older than 2 back in 1982 there’s a pretty good chance you love The Dark Crystal. Jim Henson and Frank Oz were the masters of their time when it came to creating characters we all love and a world we either wanted to live in or feared. The majority of their cinematic tricks were practical which I think is something that’s lacking in today’s movies. Don’t get me wrong, the digital age has brought our cinematic experience to another level, but you can’t beat a great practical gag. Especially when it works! After watching the movie as an adult for the umpteenth time, I’m seeing how dark it was. I guess it would have to be if the Skeksis were modeled after the seven deadly sins. Plus, the name would suggest so, but as I kid, I didn’t read between the lines or looked for deeper meaning. It was just really cool. The Gelflings Jen and Kira were beautiful, the creatures were cute, and those Skeksis were quite creepy.

The awesome news is that a series of prequels have been written. By a fan nonetheless! The first of the series, Shadows of the Dark Crystal, is set years before the event in the movie. It’s about a Gelfling woman who leaves her home to find the truth surrounding the disappearance of her brother, who was accused of treason by the sinister Skeksis. Yes, those creepy things. They don’t have it in an audiobook version, so it seems I must read for reals this time.

Fun fact, the book cover art was illustrated by the film’s original creature designer Brian Froud.

Shadows of the Dark Crystal

As a kid I wasn’t able to collect any of the cool toys for all the things that I loved. Now that I’m an adult I can do what I want. Thanks to whoever it was at Funko that decided they wanted to stylize The Dark Crystal into Pop! Vinyls because now they are MINE! (maniacal laugh… maniacal laugh)

The Dark Crystal Pop! Vinyl Figures will be released in July. Check them out on our online store at www.ingeekshop.com.


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