These Phones Aren’t Made For Talking

I remember cell phones before they became smart phones. I even remember a time before cell phones existed and you had to be at home or the office to make or take a call. Pagers were around so that you would be accessible when you were out, but you still had to get to a phone to call back whomever paged you.


Messages back then, were sent via “codes”. 911 was for emergencies, obviously. 143 was for “I love you”. For the more creative messages, sending the numbers “1134 2 09” read “GO TO HELL” when the numbers are viewed upside down. “0.7734” spells out “HELLO”. It was fun spelling out words and phrases on my calculator and pretending I had a pager. (Come on children of the 80’s, you did the same!)

texting smartphoneThe point of the pager was to reach out to someone, resulting in a phone call. I never had a pager, but I got my first cell phone when I became an adult. This was the late 90’s, back in the 1900’s. Now that we actually have phones to talk to each other we usually don’t. The smarter our phones get, the less and less we speak to each other. I am guilty of it.

I usually won’t answer a call unless it’s from 3 specific people. Otherwise, they can text me or leave a message. I’m not the best “texter” by today’s standards. I know the basic acronyms like, “brb”, “ttyl”, “lol”, “lmfao” but when people use the beginning letters of each word as their message, I’ll be damned if I can translate it into a phrase. My mind doesn’t work in shorthand, so please spell it out. Sometimes if I’m too lazy or if there’s too much to type I’ll use the Google speech-to-text app to write out my message. I know, it would probably be easier just to call, but I don’t. My husband does this as well.

Not sure if it’s good or bad, but when at home I’m usually away from my phone. I’m forced to be without it when my two little girls hijack it to watch their YouTube videos or play their My Little Pony app. Otherwise, it’s charging in the bedroom and I’m out in the garage writing a blog. When I actually get to use my phone at home, I’ll catch my husband and I sitting next to each other on our phones. He’s either having a conversation with someone via text message or we’ll be requesting or donating troops to each other on Clash of Clans. I’m definitely not using my phone for talking. Technology… it’s a guilty pleasure sometimes.

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