The X-Files Reboot, Possibly, Maybe, Yes

the-x-filesA little bird called Twitter told me that Fox has plans to bring back my favorite Sci-Fi show from the 1900’s! They want them all, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson. The challenge would be scheduling and getting everyone together at the same time. “The truth is out there” and the truth shall come out. I loved this show and had the “I Want To Believe” poster on my bedroom wall. The first movie about the bees with the alien virus, was cool and I liked that they interrupted the Mulder/Scully kiss with Scully being stung by the infected bee. The last movie they made about the guy who was cutting up people for their bodies parts to attach them to his lover was good too, although I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t about aliens. Still, I loved them all. I didn’t even hate it when they brought in Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes to fill in the void when Duchovny and Anderson both left to make movies.

xfilesdgSeeing a flood of #XFiles2015 on Twitter was the start of it. I finally caught up to the Nerdist Podcast episode 623 with Gillian Anderson saying she would be “f***ing overjoyed” to do X-Files again and that was the moment I understood exactly what everyone was talking about. (Sorry Nerdist. I wasn’t up to date with the podcast because I was preoccupied with Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon.) This has got my blood going, I’m completely fangirling out over this. The words in this post don’t and can’t express the excitement I’m feeling right now.

At this point nothing is happening yet so I just want to reminisce about my favorite show. I don’t even remember how I came to start watching it being only about 13 or 14 years old at the time. All I remember was becoming instantly fanatical about it and it may very well have been my very first Interestingly Normal Obsession (Aww!). My Sunday nights were reserved especially for The X-Files. To be honest, it was because I couldn’t master setting the timer on the VCR to record so come hell or high water I was going to watch it. Back then, if you didn’t record it on your VCR or missed it, then you were out of luck. They didn’t replay the episodes and they didn’t put them on VHS or DVD until a lot later. Definitely not like nowadays where you can skip watching a season of a show to binge watch it on Netflix or Hulu the follow season or watching the “repeats” throughout the week.

When I’m up late at night I’ll occasionally catch season 1 episodes on the Chill Network. Looking back and watching it now, it’s clearly so dated. The men wore suits that were just one size too big and women wore super shoulder pads, but putting attire of the 90’s aside, the stories still hold strong. I distinctly remember an episode about a woman who was abducted as a little girl and escaped. The kidnapper remained at large and continued to abduct little girls. The woman starts experiencing strange things happening to her, like blackout and mysterious bruising on her body. Turns out she is psychically linked to the little girl who was currently being held captive because of their shared trauma. Spoiler: the woman finally dies at the end when the little girl is rescued.

Sorry this blog post doesn’t have anything new to say about the potential for an X-Files reboot, but I honestly don’t think there is anything new out there to report. Like you, I’m just looking forward to it happening… Please make it so!

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