Missing Out on San Diego Comic-Con International

Living in San Diego and with Comic-Con approaching I’m realizing how much I miss going. A long, long time ago, was during the 1900’s I was really into anime (1995). My Aunt Jane and I were two of the nerdiest nerds of everything anime. You know what I’m talking about… Ninja Scroll, and everything inappropriate for a 15 year old boy or girl to watch. But they were cartoons, so it was OK, right? My aunt and I was out renting movies, specifically anime. I think it was Robotech or Guyver or something like that. In those days, to watch movies, there was no such thing as streaming through the internet. No Netflix, no Hulu. You had to actually go to the movie rental store and pick up a VHS or DVD.

The young gentleman behind the counter, while flirting with my aunt, told us about a place where we can find all the anime we wanted in San Diego. He told us of a convention held once a year at the convention center on Harbor Drive and it was that weekend! It was a Saturday so we only had Sunday to attend. Well, we went and discovered it was called Comic-Con. We paid our $10 and we were in. This was when you could buy your tickets at the door. I was blown away by all the anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, Xena the Warrior Princess, Vampire Hunter D, Dark Horse Comics and all things Marvel that I loved. We bought a bunch of stuff, got a lot of free stuff and vowed to attend every year, and so we did. There was one year I registered and paid for all four days but only attended Saturday and Sunday. Another year, I registered as a volunteer and got to attend the exclusive “Wednesday”.

As the years passed I couldn’t afford $150 to pre-register and volunteering was no longer an option. The next year, same thing. After three years in a row of missing out, Comic-Con got so big, if you didn’t register for the next year when you were at the convention, you couldn’t go. It would be sold out before the following week. You were simply SOL.

And now, I feel like the guy at work who didn’t have the $1 to join the lottery pool and the office won the lottery that week without me. My 15 year old self cries a little every July. Comic-Con, so close, yet so far.

Please everyone, enjoy it for me.


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