Adventures in Boozing: Introduction to Beer (mizritter)

If you like beer, San Diego is a great place to be. You don’t have to travel far to get really good beer and most of the time food with it. There are so many choices to fit your taste. Adventures in Boozing is the start of our San Diego brewery tours. My fellow adventurer Giselle B and I will be touring the breweries and tasting (drinking) as many beers as we can. And of course, we’ll tell you what we think about them.

My introduction to craft beer, believe it or not, was over 10 years ago at a Claim Jumpers. My hubby, Mr. Grumpy Pants, and I were out to dinner and I wanted to have a beer but didn’t know what to get. My beer of choice then was Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde, but the restaurant didn’t carry it. The waiter suggested SLO Brew Company’s Blueberry Ale. It was fruity, sweet and not bitter. I really liked it. He told us about BevMo and from there, we started sampling all sorts of beers. Mr. Grumpy Pants, mostly liked the British beers and IPA’s, but those were too strong for me.

Slowly but surely I acquired a taste for that hoppy goodness. If you were to hand me a Blueberry Ale or Strawberry Blonde now, I probably wouldn’t be able to drink it. It’ll be too sweet for my liking. My pallet goes towards beers that are not of the light variety, but I will admit I have been drinking a lot of Bud Lights lately. San Diego has great beer and I’m glad I get to enjoy them without having to travel too far. For good beer and good company, I find myself in North Park or Miramar.

Fat Tire Amber AleHere are a few of my favorite non-local brews: Fat Tire (mmmm, like peanut butter & jelly), Blue Moon Belgian White, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, New Castle Brown Ale, Beerlao Dark (I’m bias), Sapporo, and of course, Bud Light.

Giselle and I will be naming our favorite local beers in future Adventures in Boozing posts. In the next post, Giselle will give her introduction to craft beer. Look for it.

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