Adventures in Boozing: Coronado Brewing Company

Coronado Brewing Company Tasting Room
1205 Knoxville St
San Diego, CA 92110


Off to another adventure in boozing. This time it was to Coronado Brewing Company. I invited my good friends Ben and Jill Silver to join me. Turns out this was their spot and I was the invited guest. Like most tasting rooms, this place was kid and pet friendly so they had their baby Max with them. I saw a few dogs roaming around too. Food carts and trucks come by so you can also get a bite to eat. That’s what is so great about tasting rooms. They’re not bars and are more like going to a friend’s house to have some brews.

Coronado Brewing Company’s tasting room on Knoxville Street is neatly settled in an area where you don’t have to compete for parking or deal with the bustle of a main street. When I got there the bar area was super packed, then it died down, then it got packed again but there was plenty of space to move around or sit. It’s essentially a huge warehouse with a nice little bar area. As you walk in, the bar area is straight ahead, there are cool-looking wooden barrels to the right, and smack dab in the middle are the huge stainless steel fermenters. It has a very industrial feel but cozy.

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My favorite brew from Coronado Brewing Company is the Mermaid’s Red Ale. If you’re following me, you already know I like the reds. I’ve been to this tasting room once before but didn’t try anything else. This time around I had two flights. Needless to say, Mermaid’s Red is still my favorite, but I found a couple that I liked just as much.

Flight 1

coronado brewing co adventures in boozing flight

Louisville Chugger – 5.5% ABV, 37 IBU.  This one tastes like it has grapefruit, but I don’t think there is any in it. It could be the yeast they use. It has that bitter bite like most IPA’s but is surprisingly light. It reminds me a little bit of Heineken but not as “skunky” and less carbonation.

Sock Knocker – 8.5% ABV.  This did not knock my socks off. With a name like “sock knocker” I expected it to be spectacular, but it was good and had all the characteristics of an IPA. Bitter, crisp, and full body. At 8.5% ABV this one will get me drunk the fastest.

Berry The Hatchet – 4.7% ABV.  It was pink! Back when I first started drinking beers I was really into the fruity ales so I expected to like this one, but it kind of fell flat. Literally flat, like a watered down carbonated fruit drink with the ice all melted.

Shrunken Head Red – 4.4% ABV.  This one was very “skunky”, which can be hit or miss for me. I actually liked this one. Maybe because it’s a red.

Salty Burro – 4.5% ABV.  This is an American lager with grapefruit, but I couldn’t taste any grapefruit. It was very light and reminds me of the Mexican beers. I didn’t like this so much, but I usually prefer not to add salt or lime to my beers.

Flight 2

coronado brewing company flight adventures in boozing

435 Pale Ale – 5.2% ABV, 40 IBU.  This one has a very good bite. I like it better than Louisville Chugger. It is very bitter. I can probably only drink occasionally, since it’s too strong for me.

Silver Strand Saison – 5.1% ABV.  This tastes very citrusy. Not quite like a Belgian White but it had that citrus flavor. I liked it.

Barrelman’s Brown – 6.0% ABV.  This one has to be the most awful I’ve tasted in a while. Thumbs down to this. I did not like at all. Maybe it’s because I’m impartial to stouts, but this one taste like dirty water. Just my opinion.

Slightly Stupid – 3.8% ABV.  Dark English Mild. I’m starting to strike out on beers here. Slightly Stupid was slightly like a warm flat coke with beer flavor. It did have a charcoal, earthy tone but I didn’t like it.

Friar Starter – 4.8% ABV.  This Belgian style ale was light and mild, with a refreshing taste. It’s bubbly and perfect for spring or summer time drinking.

Coronado is a great spot to check out if you love beer and a great atmosphere. Everyone there was very nice. The staff helped me pick out my second flight where I found a few more new beers that I really liked. Friar Starter, 435 Pale Ale, and the Silver Strand Saison. I think I’ll still go back to Mermaid’s Red when I’m there to chill with the Silvers again, but I can’t say I didn’t try something new.

Until the next adventure.


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