Obsessions – we all have them. From television series to celebrity idols to a common hobby, the things we love can quickly turn into things we obsess over. Interestingly Normal is the place where all things that are so normal they’re interesting and so interesting they’re normal come to be shared and adored.

It began with my obsessions with sci-fi and horror films, reading comics, watching cartoons, and having a nice beer at the end of a long day spent with my family of five. Alongside my three crazy, but wonderful kids and the love of my life whom I have been married to for over a decade, the idea formed and turned into something that everyone can enjoy and partake in.

I know from experience that sharing your obsessions with others who feel the same way can be one of the most exciting things, and Interestingly Normal is here to provide exactly that.

Take a look around, get a feel for the community here, and if you don’t see your current obsession – share it. Through this, we will grow and prosper into a combination of different obsessions, with people who all mutually understand one another.

Canhdy RitterI hope that you enjoy yourself here, and if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll let me know. This is the Internet after all!

See you around, Canhdy Ritter